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ron and monette

We are Ron and Monette from the Philippines, travel buddies and a couple of corporate slaves trying to break free from the monotony of everyday life by traveling. Ron is a nurse and a shutterbug and I, Monette, am a literature graduate and I basically write… stuff. We started out backpacking late last year, taking on Macau and Hong Kong. This year, we braved  Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand.  We have Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Australia, Nepal, Europe and (of course) Philippines lined up till 2011.

In this blog we will offer thrift-tips, eco-paths, culture-bits and  fab-finds in all places we visit. All in an itinerary that everyone can afford. This is telling of the adventures and misadventures of two friends with an insatiable craving for getting lost in unfamiliar bounds.

We are relatively young in blogging years but we have passion for what we do. Booking our own flights, hagling for bargains, sleeping with 10 other people we don’t know, running after buses and sleeping in airports essentially gave us a whole load of experience in this way of life ultimately making us backpackers in our own right. We cannot imagine ourselves exploring the world any other way.

exploring the world, one country at a time...

exploring the world, one country at a time...

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