best place to stay in siem reap

Aaahhh Cambodia… We watch it in travel documentaries, we read it in history books, we saw it in Tomb Raider, we talk about it and dream about it. Who would’ve thought we’d see it this lifetime? It was almost surreal arriving at the Siem Reap Airport. And when we were greeted by our host Meang together with the tuk-tuk driver Piron, we felt like we were in a dream… Mainly because he said “kamusta?” which is “how are you?” in Tagalog, Ron and I instantly reacted in unison–“Pilipino ka?”. Meang is fluent in Tagalog because he spent several years in Makati to study and work.

The pick-up was free and it’s good old Khmer style ride–The Tuktuk. we were taken on a sight seeing pre-tour around the city. It was scorching hot but the fact that I am inhaling Cambodian dust was enough for me to suck in my complaints and enjoy the ride.



I booked a different hotel initially but Ron decided to change it after seeing the website for Prohmroth Guesthouse. When we got there, I was happy we decided to make the change. The room was nothing short of perfect. It was huge and homey and our toilet tissue was pink. We had our own bathroom and a queen-sized bed which was totally opposite of what we had in Kuala Lumpur. We opened the window and there was a temple that greeted us. I had to restrain myself from taking bricks that are shaped like little buddhas.

taprohmView from our room

But it wasn’t really just the nice ambiance and the huge bed that would make us book this hotel again when we go back to Cambodia. It’s Meangsophean Suon and his family that made our experience wonderful to the Nth power. He arranged our tuk-tuk ride for three days. He gave us tips on our tour. He reserved a seat for us when we wanted to watch Apsara. He even took Ron on a food trip on our last night. He was more than a landlord to us and up until now, we still keep corresponding. We would never want to stay anywhere else.

prohmrothFacade of Prohm Roth Guesthouse

meangRon with our Khmer friends

Prohm Roth Guesthouse
# 251 Pub Street extension, Phum Mondul I,Khum Svay Dangkum,
Siem Reap Angkor City, Kingdom Of Cambodia.
Phone: +855 (0)12 46 64 95, (0)17 356 817
Email: or

FLIP’N PERKS: when you arrive/book for reservation, tell them that you heard it from us, and they will give you a discount!

Check out what other backpackers has to say, CLICK HERE!

and oh! they got the best hotel/hostel breakfast that we experienced to date. That one deserves a separate article.




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3 Responses to “best place to stay in siem reap”

  1. Dearest Ron & Monette! It’s such a great honor to have received such an amazing descriptive review from you two! My family and I will always be very grateful for your stay, support, recommendation and endorsement of our guesthouse to the world of Pinoy. It’s always a great pleasure for us to get serve all who come in and turn some big bargainers into big buddies.. We will be very pleased to welcome many more Pinoy to our guesthouse and will be ready to assist everyone with their travel and tours needs! Please NOTIFY us in advance to avoid confusion and disappointment! Once again, thank you for everything…. Happy Halloween to everyone there! We missed you Ron and Monette! Wish to see you sooon with some great people coming to Siem Reap!

  2. Now the breakfast really got me curious… I wonder what is it. The best I ever had was in Old Penang Guesthouse and Number Twenty Guesthouse in Malacca. And reason why I said it was wonderful was because of the homey atmosphere and the refillable coffee and the eat all you can bread and jam. 🙂

    • this one is really good. believe me
      we will be posting it tomorrow, 🙂

      will check it out when we go malacca, come with us . hehe

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