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I’m the kind of person who would fall asleep watching Saw series. Cliches and lame copied scenes would enrage me. And post-movie anorexia happens if a film involves cheap CGI, stupid scripts and John Lloyd Cruz in it.

I watched UP yesterday. It was my first time to watch a full length 3D film here in the Philippines. I was kind of expecting a (well) fun Sunday afternoon kiddie film, but to my surprise, the first 10 minutes of the film already struck a nerve right on.

Ho-M-Gee Ho-M-Gee Ho-M-Gee! This is so me!

Carl’s childhood scene is so me. The vintage aviator goggles and hat, the travel scrapbook and the mock explorer’s headquarters made me feel like I’m actually the character on the screen. An additional latex and body lotion would really make it my own biography.

Scenes from the film were conceptualized from the rock valley of Tepuis in Venezuela (I know, Venezuela also got fascinating sites other than their a truck load of Miss Universe crown collection). The Character of Carl is partially based on the grumpy but sweet Spencer Tracy. I never made a research about the film before watching it, so I was surprised that it turned out to be a good watch. PIXAR did it again. It would awaken the long dead childhood dream of exploring the world, your ultimate fantasy adventure you once wrote to Santa Clause–or tooth fairy–or Oprah. It should be on top of the page when you google the phrase “life long adventure.” It definitely deserves to be the first animated film to open Cannes Film Festival.

Now I have a new answer when someone asks me: “If you’re a movie, which one are you?” I’m sorry “Inday Bote,” time to step back!




~ by flipntravels on August 27, 2009.

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